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I am a practicing security consultant and security expert witness that is based in Chicago, Illinois who offers forensic security consultation, investigation, analysis, and unbiased opinions to premise liability and security negligence cases.

I make complication comprehensible through public data and dynamic visual representations.

I come with an in-depth, up-to-date, and detailed understanding of security management, security programming, premise negligence and premise liability. I make complicated data understood easily through intuitive graphical representations for juror and litigant comprehension, check it out


My value is in my innate ability to easily identify, validate and demonstrate foreseeability.

Professional and Committed

A security expert witness with a focused passion for security management

I am a security expert witness with a focused passion for security management and preventing loss.


The question I am asked often is why am I the right expert?


When selecting an expert witness, you want someone who has passion. If you love what you do, you will be successful, and I love what I do! I understand the utmost importance to a litigation team is an unbiased, open, timely and direct communication with my litigation partners.

This allows me to give my undivided attention to select clients and offer the most comprehensive service possible.

Precise evaluation of evidence as security negligence expert

Security negligence and premise liability has a great deal to do with investigations and understanding the breadth of a security management program. Ahrens's security expert witness consulting operates in all facets of security, inclusive of security technology, operations, and architectural controls. We offer an extensive variety of investments in your case, including pre-case review, expert reports, deposition, and more.

We tirelessly look at all facets of the case, inclusive of materials provided by our litigation partners, and known best practices, laws, ordinances that may apply outside the discovery process.

Expert witness consulting in Chicago, Illinois


My expert witness consulting is comprehensive, and I help ascertain defensive positions or causation through consultation and direction. I offer fresh perspectives, vision, strategy, and tactics for litigation teams. 

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I am extremely passionate about anything and everything that has to do about security management, resilience and preventing loss. 


I am focused and autonomously work and research to uncover and discover sources of truth to substantiate my opinions. I operate in all facets of security, inclusive of security technology and architectural controls.

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I offer innovative and graphical approaches for defending or proving foreseeability.

See me in Action

I am currently a practicing expert security consultant with over 20+ years of leadership. This includes physical, operational, and security technology. My skill set includes an innate ability to put myself in the mindset of an aggressor and leverage a myriad of tools, inclusive of social engineering, to gain surreptitious access to assets that my clients want to ensure are secure.

GSX 2019 LIVE from Chicago!

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I minimize vulnerabilities

I come with an in-depth, up-to-date, and detailed understanding of security management, security programming, premise negligence and premise liability and vulnerabilities that permit occurrences. My value is in my innate ability to identify, validate vulnerabilities, control threats and minimize impact to assets.

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My process

I have a unique and dedicated ten-step process that allows us to engage, understand, validate, and evaluate cases programmatically and efficiently. It all starts with an introductory call to establish the foundation of the case. After our call, you will have a proposal to review within minutes.

A complete range of services

Ahrens Security - Consultation on existing best practices

Consultation on existing best practices

I can provide comprehensive consultation to help identify, validate gaps, opportunities via existing best practices, standards, guides, ordinances, statutes, and laws.

Ahrens Security - Data analysis and foreseeability

Data analysis and foreseeability

I visually tell a story through data conceptions, analytics, metrics and pair-wise comparisons 

Ahrens Security - Site/existing conditions and analysis

Site/existing conditions analysis

I can provide comprehensive site reviews, documenting existing conditions, evaluating lighting, uniformity and existing vulnerabilities or controls. I do this through a robust recognition of assets, analysis of environmental factors, and ultimately enhancements based on best practices, guides, and standards – some of which I have developed.

Ahrens Security - Pre case review

Pre-case review 

I provide direction, strategy, discovery, data collection, discussion points and additional consultation towards your desired case outcomes

Ahrens Security - Experts report, deposition and testimony

Expert reports, depositions, and testimony

Comprehensive documentation, inclusive of photos graphics that enhance compelling/persuasive testimony towards positive case outcomes

Ahrens Security - Rsearch and Discovery

Research and discovery

I can direct you in questions to ask, information to request in support your defense or complaint


Check out the collection of the good, bad, and UGLY of security that I have observed over my premise liability management career. This also includes vulnerabilities that I have uncovered in my travels and during security assessments that I have previously conducted.

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Security concerns, litigation services, and witness consulting can prove to be daunting. I am here to support your expert witness litigation needs – contact me here or checkout my FAQ page!