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Chicago-based security consultant specializing in premise liability and security negligenc


Regardless if you just took on the case, or are well into deposition/discovery, consider calling me for my insight and engagement. I have over two decades of security expertise and can commonly provide insight into areas of causation and or case defense, which may be overlooked. 


Pre-case reviews begin with a phone call to get the facts of the case and determine if I'm the right expert. It allows me to learn key details about the case and obtain answers to initial questions. If my skill sets do not align with your case, I can refer you to other experts from the forensic community.


For those that have not begun the litigation process, this is an excellent opportunity for you to leverage my experience. I can provide guidance to documentation that can support or defend causation.


An expansive career in security consulting has enabled me to pen down several positive and negative findings. See for yourself, checkout my #OneJob file.

Looking for security consulting and design services?

If so, please direct your browser to my employer's website to learn more about thought leadership and the value that I can provide during the day.


Services such as

  • Benchmarking

  • Outsourcing

  • Training

  • Security, threat, and vulnerability assessments

  • Technical analysis

  • Workplace violence assessments

  • Control center design

  • Comprehensive security and telecommunications systems design

Expert Witness Security Consulting in Chicago Illinois
Expert Witness Consulting - Ahrens Security: Providing Trusted Security Solutions in Illinois


  • Access control and related vulnerabilities

  • Perdestrian/vehicular control 

  • Surveillance

  • Communications

  • Call boxes/call for assistance intercom

  • Alarm systems

  • Duress systems

  • Placement, functionality review

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