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I have  a unique and dedicated multi-step process. That approach allows us to engage, understand, validate, and evaluate cases programmatically and efficiently.

It all starts with an introductory call to communicate the case specifics and determine if I am the right partner for your firm.


During this call, I can help you identify what information to review, and help identify potential avenues of causation or defense. Once you agree, I can have a proposal sent to you within minutes.

My proposal allows for a wide variety of payment options, so you can engage immediately, especially if this is an urgent case.

I will prepare a robust requests list. I will exhaustively and enthusiastically review all pertinent documentation and autonomously seek my own supportive references.

Once complete I will have a call, and you can define what you want me to opine on. At this point, I will let you know if the information received/ discovered is me.

Contact Sean Ahrens for Expert Witness Support in Litigation Cases

I will continually review incoming information and support additional consultation during the discovery phase.

Upon written request, I will author an engaging visual report that articulates the case background and a foundational opinion in defense or support of the cases' causation or foreseeability. I run my business and expertise on undeniable statistics and data. In turn, this allows me to create a winning strategy for your case.

My goal is not to do depositions, or trials. I use visual aids to quickly convey complex topics through publicly accessible data and make opposing counsel abandon the attack/defense.

Contact Sean Ahrens for Expert Witness Support in Litigation Cases


Security concerns, litigation services, and witness consulting can prove to be daunting. I am here to support your expert witness litigation needs – contact me here or checkout my FAQ page!

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Expert Witness Security Consulting in Chicago Illinois
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