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Consultation on existing best practices in Chicago IL

What better resource to have on your team than someone who has taken part in, developed, and created guides, standards, and best practices for a myriad of clients?

Here's how it works

A thorough review of the existing guides, standards, laws, and best practices are evaluated. This can help determine precedents for supporting the opinion and, ultimately, your case.

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Security Technology

  • Access control and related vulnerabilities

  • Perdestrian/vehicular control 

  • Surveillance

  • Communications

  • Call boxes/call for assistance intercom

  • Alarm systems

  • Duress systems

  • Placement, functionality review

Looking for security consulting and design services?

If so, please direct your browser to my employer's website to learn more about thought leadership and value that I can provide during the day.


Services such as

  • Benchmarking

  • Outsourcing

  • Training

  • Security, threat, and vulnerability assessments

  • Technical analysis

  • Workplace violence assessments

  • Control center design

  • Comprehensive security and telecommunications systems design

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Security concerns, litigation services, and witness consulting can prove to be daunting. I am here to support your expert witness litigation needs – contact me here or checkout my FAQ page!