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Chicago-based security consultant specializing in premise liability and security negligenc



  • Checkout my collection of the good, bad and UGLY of security that I have observed over my premise liability management career


  • Learn about some books and articles I've written. These articles cover more in-depth my deep knowledge of security, negligence, and foreseeability.

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  • Learn about my career, goals, accomplishments, and skills.

Expert Witness Consulting - Ahrens Security: Providing Trusted Security Solutions in Illinois


  • Access control and related vulnerabilities

  • Perdestrian/vehicular control 

  • Surveillance

  • Communications

  • Call boxes/call for assistance intercom

  • Alarm systems

  • Duress systems

  • Placement, functionality review

Looking for security consulting and design services?

If so, please direct your browser to my employer's website to learn more about thought leadership and the value that I can provide during the day.


Services such as

  • Benchmarking

  • Outsourcing

  • Training

  • Security, threat, and vulnerability assessments

  • Technical analysis

  • Workplace violence assessments

  • Control center design

  • Comprehensive security and telecommunications systems design

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