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My goal is not to do depositions, or trials. I use visual aids to quickly convey complex topics through publicly accessible data and make opposing counsel abandon the attack/defense.

As such I run my business and expertise on undeniable statistics, I create the best planning and strategy to help win your case.

By the numbers: 


2.5     years of expert witness                       

19      total cases         

6        cases are pending          

58%   of my cases are the plaintiff

42%   of my cases are defense

3        of my case I have been deposed in        

4        cases have required reports       

77%   have positive outcomes

2         I have withdrawn from 

Passionate and Committed Security Expert Witness - Ahrens Security Consulting

Let me show you how to win foreseeability cases with demonstrative data

Macro crime trends

Census tract comparison

Local Crime

Parking Garage

Resident Reviews

Other Public Data

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