Learn about my story and how I got here

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Amat Victoria Curam 

"Victory loves preparation"

Negligence, foreseeability, vulnerabilities, threats, and security management have always intrigued me. I have dedicated my adult life to the pursuit of proactive protection for all asset types. This passion and experience has led me to become one of the most trusted security consultants in Chicago, Illinois.

I have worked with several clients and detected a wide range of vulnerabilities that are expressed through architecture, security technology, and operations!

My Journey... How I Got Here:

I have worked with several clients and detected a wide range of vulnerabilities that are expressed through architecture, security technology, and operations.

Working as a security expert in Chicago, Illinois, I have witnessed, documented, and recommended controls for common vulnerabilities, which, if uncorrected, could lead to loss.

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Ahrens Security - Consultation on existing best practices

My Work by Day and Night

By day:


My day job involves working in security design, consulting, assessment, and workplace prevention. I am honored to have worked globally on several iconic projects for buildings and people of high worth. 

By night and weekends:

By night and weekends, I apply my experiences in the defense or support of negligence, premise liability, and workplace violence litigations cases.

My firm Ahrens Security, LLC, focuses solely on professional security management expert witness leadership from my home state of Illinois.

Why Ahrens Security?

I am currently a practicing consultant; I have low case volume. Along with my passion for security management, I offer fresh, current and relevant perspectives for your case. 

What I am:

  • I am a persuasive, experienced, and well-spoken author that has full command over the field of security management. I have contributed to multiple security standards, guides and am the author of the first-ever tall tower security guide that includes parking garage and site security. That guide seeks the proactive introduction of controls towards the goal of minimizing a security incidence.

  • I am a sought-after presenter that builds rapport with my audiences. I have additionally authored 40+ publications, including a peer reviewed involuntary separation guide to minimize the potential of workplace violence.

  • My work as a security consultant has shaped me into a trusted security expert witness .

  • I constantly shed light on new vulnerabilities because of environmental and technological advancement within buildings, parking garages, parking lots, hospitality, hotel, motel, apartment, multi-family, entertainment venues, bars, restaurants, retail, manufacturing and high-rise buildings.

What I am not:

  • I am a security expert, NOT a hired gun. My ethics require that I abstain from cases I don't believe in. 

  • I am the only person you will deal with, and I am the sole author of all reports.

  • I am extremely knowledgeable about security technology, networking, and computer systems. However, my expertise does not involve cyber security.

  1. To avoid a conflict of interest with my employer, I presently DO NOT review cases involving healthcare/hospitals, clinics, universities.

  2. I also DO NOT offer any of my employers' core security services. These services include but is not limited to threat, risk, and vulnerability assessments, operational planning, and security systems design.

  3. If you need those services, contact me through my employer.

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