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Expert reports, deposition, and testimonial services in Chicago IL

I am a media trained security expert that has developed hundreds of reports and articles, that are visually aesthetic and impactful.


I have given hundreds of presentations and executive briefings. I have an expansive career where my reports, presentations have been a proximate reason for change within organizations.

Here's how it works

Site analysis includes evaluation of existing conditions, including crime prevention through environmental design, architectural keying, locking, other architectural programs, security technology, function and operation, operational security, such as policies procedures, training, pre-employment processes/criminal background investigations.

Upon request and with an agreeable schedule, I can facilitate emergency mobilization site evaluation.

On site I can facilitate the discovery of additional information, which can include light metering, site documentation, and interviews with residential or businesses in the surrounding area.


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Security Technology

  • Access control and related vulnerabilities

  • Perdestrian/vehicular control 

  • Surveillance

  • Communications

  • Call boxes/call for assistance intercom

  • Alarm systems

  • Duress systems

  • Placement, functionality review

Looking for security consulting and design services?

If so, please direct your browser to my employer's website to learn more about thought leadership and value that I can provide during the day.


Services such as

  • Benchmarking

  • Outsourcing

  • Training

  • Security, threat, and vulnerability assessments

  • Technical analysis

  • Workplace violence assessments

  • Control center design

  • Comprehensive security and telecommunications systems design

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