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Fields in specialization focus

Workplace violence, armed assailant active shooter, operations alarm, surveillance, crime prevention through environmental design, commercial, retail, and hospitality.Working as a current security consultant, I have current knowledge regarding current threats, and vulnerabilities for a myriad of building types: parking garages, apartment buildings, warehouses, bars, restaurants, entertainment, office, workplace violence and security technology, operations, and architecture. 

More about me

My focus is on premise liability, negligence, wrongful hiring, foreseeability, crime demographic analysis, benchmarking, physical security, and security management.

  • My education: I have a master's in organizational security management from Webster University, graduating with honors–Cum Laude. Before that, I did my bachelor's in criminal justice at Western Illinois University. I continue to obtain certifications that further substantiate my security lineage.

  • If you'd like to get in touch, please say hello through any of the social links above. You can also reach me through my employer

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