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Look what I found for sale. If you want to stop retail theft, don't sell "booster" clothing.

A booster steals goods, often from retail stores, with the intention of reselling them. These individuals may be associated with larger criminal organizations/Organized Crime (ORC) or networks that engage in the illegal resale of stolen goods.

  1. Modified Clothing: Garments designed or altered to conceal stolen goods effectively, sometimes referred to as "booster bags" or "booster clothing." or jackets in this instance.

  2. Shoplifting Tools: Devices or tools designed to remove security tags, as well as bags that are lined with special materials to prevent security sensors from detecting stolen items inside.

  3. Distraction and Teamwork: Some boosters work in teams, with one or more individuals creating a distraction while others steal merchandise.

  4. Skill and Experience: Boosters are typically experienced and skilled at shoplifting, able to steal without drawing attention to themselves.



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